Saturday, March 12, 2005

brandon's bargain barn

My daughter and I visited Brandon's Bargain Barn again. It was open this time, though disappointing. The bespeckeld woman who is definately not Brandon was frantically cleaning the mirrors of a 1960's vintage dresser.

Mollie and I were looking for true bargains, the kind you only find when you probably aren't looking. Like the wonderful arts and crafts style rocker I found one day. I only had to hand over $70.00 and it was mine, all golden and oak-grained. The cushion was the original horsehair variety and I promptly covered it with dollar-a-yard Wal-mart upholstery fabric in a shiny olive green stripe. The entire process made me happy and still makes me happy every time I sit in it, rocking baby Jude while his little wiggly body droops on my shoulder, that milky, sleepy smile on his punkin face.

We went to Wal-mart again today and to Mabel's, the other wonderful old treasures store. We came away with little to show for our efforts. This wasn't the day for treasures, at least the purchasing kind. Spending Saturday morning hanging out with your grown daughter, knowing she is your best friend, and tickling and giggling with a grandbaby while he rides in the shopping cart, those are the real treasures methinks.


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