Tuesday, June 07, 2005

more favorite women bloggers

Dare a proud grandmama list one more blog with pictures of beautiful children? Stacie is the daughter-in-law of your dreams and her blog entries are a delight to read. Of course, the pictures of my sweet Penelope are worth many thousand words. And then there is today's special entry...in-the-womb pictures of our precious new grandbaby coming in the fall. The pictures alone make this worth the read!

Here is Dory's awesome blog. Too many great articles and links to mention but Dory covers much-needed territory for reformed believers. And, she has links to pictures of men in kilts. Being a Campbell, what more could I want? Johnny Depp in a kilt perhaps?

Bonnie's blog
always has new thoughts and refreshing commentary by a homeschooling mom who, obviously, is a super thinker. I would highly recommend dropping by Off the Top on a regular basis for words of encouragement and to have your thoughts provoked!


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