Monday, August 01, 2005

flamingo fest

The First Ever Campbell Family Flamingo Fest was declared a rousing success on Friday night. Since there are lots of people who would like to see the kids when they come home for the family reunion, I try to have an open house of some sort each year. This time I decided it ought to be named a Flamingo Fest and so it was, complete with electric pink birds, Chinese lanterns and all. What a fun time to see friends and to enjoy the fellowship! The deck was a big hit, and I mean big. But not overly so, I mean, it was just right for family and friends. The best comment I heard came from my friend, Shirley, who said that it felt like we were in a tree house with the tree growing through the deck and more trees surrounding us on the east. I like being in a tree house. Someone else told me that the only word they could use to describe it was exotic and I like that, too. Here are some highlights of the night.

Joe and Clayton share a good time at the fest.

Cousins in a group hug!

Sam and Will try to out-silly each other!

How cute is this?

Ben, honored as our recent homeschooled high school grad, serenades us with his friend, Justin, who is behind the tree! Our neighbor didn't call the cops about the loud noise but did call me. She didn't like the music and she didn't like the sound of children playing on the deck the night before. I told her we could turn the music down but that she had better get used to the sounds of playing children since I anticipate more every summer. And I invited her to join us but she was a no show.

Isn't new baby Dowen hiding in Stacie's pink tummy the highlight of this picture?

The lanterns, canopies, and twinkle lights set the mood for a relaxing time!

More cousin fun!

Uncles Will and Joe try to wrestle the grandbabies into a pose and all but Jude cooperate. See that Penelope, the rose among thorns, as my mom would say?

Clay and I said goodnight to our guests and a good time was had by all!


At 7:22 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

I wish I could have been there. It looks like you had a great time.

At 8:03 AM, Blogger prairie girl said...

We wish you had been here, too.

I asked Anna if she liked the flamingo lights and she hesitated. Then I quickly told her, "I know they are tacky, but I think they are delightfully tacky!"

It sounds like your family had a great time visiting you. Maybe you and TJ can stop over while you are here on you Labor Day visit. We would love to entertain you on the deck!

At 2:58 PM, Blogger kristen said...

What a blessing to enjoy your children's children! *sigh* I love singing the metrical version of Psalm 128 and daydreaming about that someday in the future...


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