Friday, September 16, 2005

friday's quote of the week

This week I only have one quote and it isn't even exactly a quote but a paraphrase. But first, a little background.

The last few years have brought our family on an incredible church journey. In the process of sorting through exactly what we believe about church doctrine, clergy authority, and the proper response to clergy abuse, we feel that we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

In the past few months, as we have attended a large church, something we had thought we wouldn't ever want to do, we have been blessed beyond measure by the teaching and preaching we have heard, preaching that has brought us through with renewed faith and has provided spiritual detoxification for us.

Last week the pastor made a statement that is worthy of the quote of the week all by itself. He said, "Whenever you see a spirit of authoritarianism, you can be sure that it comes from the hand of Satan. Such a spirit is never from Jesus Christ."


At 8:59 PM, Anonymous David said...

Hi Karen,

I wholeheartedly agree with the pastor's quote. The more I've seen authoritarianism, the more I've questioned whether the Lord's blessing is evident in their lives. In their zeal, they seem to have missed the point and developed something that totally misses the grace of God. I've watched a number of times where some who've had an authoritarian air eventually lose what they have. It's sad to watch.

I've recently come across a web site that contains stories of one man's life in a very conservative and authoritarian college, and it's a testimony to how he's found life beyond such a situation. You'll find it here. It's funny and sad at the same time. I read the stories and scratch my head at what happened; sometimes in disbelief, other times I relate a bit to what is shared.

At 4:03 AM, Blogger prairie girl said...

Hi David,

I have started reading Tales from the Temple and not only is it hilarous but poignant. I have laughed and cried in the same paragraph.

We attended a church for about a year a long time ago that reminded me of his stories. Yesterday we came home from our annual Friendship Festival Parade to find three ladies from said church in our front yard with color brochures and invites to that church. (They didn't remember us but we rememberd them.) They told us people are driving 30 or more miles to come to that church now and all I wanted to do was ask "why?"

One day, I, too, will write out our journey that past few years. I would be cathartic and it would be unbelievable to many people especially since it happened in a PCA church rather than a fundy church. But legalism is hiding in the newly donned clerical robes of these churches and is just as ugly, though perhaps a bit more sophisticated.

Thanks for the link...I think I will blog about it one of these days.


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