Thursday, June 09, 2005

Peacemaker Ministry recognizes spiritual abuse issues

Peacemaker Ministry is an international ministry whose goal is to equip and assist Christians and their churches to respond to conflict Biblically. I have read their materials over the years and have known of organizations and churches who called upon their expertise in resolving conflicts.

Most recently they are offering materials that address the issue of spiritual abuse in the church. Their online catalog offers this autdio tape of a message by Ed Keinath speaking at the 2004 conference:

Abuse of Authority: Dealing with Power Abuses by Church Leaders: (Ed Keinath - '04) This workshop is a work in progress. It is recognized that within the church, power and authority have their roles in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as holding individual members accountable in their walk of faith. When accomplished to God’s glory, power and authority are complimentary. However, when sin motivates for self-serving purposes, power and authority become abused and the Body of Christ suffers.

I am happy to see this fine organization recognizing spiritual abuse for what it is and look forward to more materials cooming from them that will be a part of the solution of this widespread problem. My tape is on the way!

Also for more information on spiritual abuse, check out The Bruised Reed blogspot.


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