Wednesday, October 05, 2005

comments for the Gunn brothers

(blogger note: I am glad that I posted these thoughts here as shortly after I posted them in the comment section of their blog, the gunn brothers removed all comments and all options to comment...what do you call someone who removes comments? New definition needed I think.)

I have been thinking about the monstrous women movie clip and the various things the Gunn brothers are saying on their blog. Here are today's thoughts for them:

"I hope you understand the point that I am trying to make. Past abuses necessitate sensitivity to others. It's the "winsome ambassador for Christ" approach. I believe that most feminists are such because of a reaction to the abuse of men in their lives.

Your comment about the kitchen might be funny to you but not to a woman who was consistently told that all she was good for was to be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen.

Look at it another way. Would you joke about vigiante lynchings to a black person? Would you laugh about ovens to a Jewish person? What I am sensing is your lack of understanding and compassion for the abuses that many women have had to endure in life. Are you asking "why" with ears to hear the answers?

I spent several years counseling women through a crisis pregnancy center ministry. I saw first hand the many abuses that so many of them endured. Up until that time I had been pretty naive. My own father was wonderful and then I married a man who was even more wonderful than that so I had a difficult time relating to what I heard. But once I listened with a heart of compassion, I heard and saw things that I have never forgotten.

We recently finished reading The Hiding Place as a family. My children were moved to tears many times. I cannot even imagine Corrie ten Boom approaching the topic of feminism with what I am seeing here. First of all, I imagine that you would think she, as a woman, should not have done all that she did. But beyond that, her example of compassion and hospitatlity to those who were not like her, especially the Jewish people, whom she knew to be enternally lost without Christ, was a true picture of Christ himself. Maybe it is trite, but what would Jesus do with a feminist? I think he would have asked her if he could have dinner with her."

Corrie ten Boom has long been honored by evangelical Christians as an exemplar of Christian faith in action. Arrested by the Nazis along with the rest of her family for hiding Jews in their Haarlem home during the Holocaust, she was imprisoned and eventually sent to the Ravensbruck concentration camp along with her beloved sister, Betsie, who perished there just days before Corrie's own release on December 31, 1944. Inspired by Betsie's example of selfless love and forgiveness amid extreme cruelty and persecution, Corrie established a post-war home for other camp survivors trying to recover from the horrors they had escaped. She went on to travel widely as a missionary, preaching God's forgiveness and the need for reconciliation.


At 3:55 PM, Anonymous David said...

From the Gunn brothers site on 10-4: One paragraph (posted here in it's entirety).

On the Miers pick.
Miers is unqualified because of her gender (and probably other things too). What a bad choice. "I picked the best person I could find." - said GW. I'd of picked this guy - he'd be great! [Link to Judge Roy Moore's site at the end]

It's too bad that the Gunn site does not allow comments. My first question to them would be:

Misters Gunn,

To say that a woman is unqualified simply because of her gender is not Biblical, simply because we have the book of Judges chapters 4 and 5. The account of Deborah shows a woman who was in charge of judging in Israel, and there is no account of her being improper or an abomination in Israel just because she happened to be female.

I am aware that there are a number of Christians who promote the idea that Deberah was a judge only because a man didn't step up to the plate. That view cannot be argued soundly because it is only an argument from silence. Since Deborah was not condemned anywhere in the Bible for her position, then it's obvious that she was a legitimate judge.

Also, note in 2 Kings 22: 14-20 and 2 Chronicles 34: 22-28 where good king Josiah inquired of Huldah the prophetess. She was not condemned either for being a woman in authority.

If a doctrine of "women should not speak or be in authority" is to be authentically Biblical, it cannot discard these two passages. To discard them in order to make a doctrine "black and white" is to not gather the whole counsel of scripture.

Are you willing to defend your view based on these two scriptures?

At 4:45 PM, Blogger prairie girl said...

Great comments, David.

Now for a teaser...this week's Monstrous Woman of the Week would have been my choice for nominee to the Supreme Court....gets your wheels turning doesn't it?!!?

At 4:45 PM, Blogger prairie girl said...

Oh, and there is an interesting twist to her saga as well!

At 6:34 AM, Anonymous David said...

Hmm... your choice for Supreme Court judge is your "monstrous woman of the week". Intriguing...

At 6:39 AM, Anonymous David said...

By the way, to answer your first question about what to call those who turn off their comments on their blog...


"Christian Fascists"? My wife wrote about those who delete comments that are not mean, but don't line up with their agenda on her blog back in August.

At 7:37 AM, Blogger prairie girl said...


That was one of my favorite blog entries ever! Not allowing comments or removing comments because they don't line up with the agenda of a person's blog always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So does removing a comment so that the commenter's name and blog address cannot be seen! I have had this happen on a couple of occasions, once where someone removed my comment altogether and then called me "an alert reader" and repeated what I had said. The only explanation was that that blogger didn't want anyone coming to my blog from his because he disagrees with me on several points. Too obnoxious! Why is there not room for honest, logical debate and discussion within the body of Christ? Who makes these people the keepers of thought anyway?

I'll get off my soap box now and return to pushing back in decency and in order!


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