Friday, November 11, 2005

friday's quotes of the week

Heard, read, or said by me this week:

"When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not."

Mark Twain

"A human life is a story told by God and in the best stories told by humans, we come closer to God."

Hans Christian Anderson

"The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail. Travel too fast and you miss all you are traveling for."

Louis L'Amour

"Look, Grandma, I hurt my finger."
"Oh, Henry, I am sorry. Can I fix it?"
"Yes, I need a cookie."

Henry and Grandma

"I would never insist that women have to have children to be fully female. Some women aren't mother material and some men don't deserve the children they sire. But something vital and poignant happens when one's own interests become secondary to the more compelling needs of children."

Kathleen Parker

"I lay there under the stars and thought of what a great responsibility it is to be human. I am a human because God made me. I experience suffering and temptation because mankind chose to follow Satan. God is reaching out to me to rescue me. I am learning to trust Him, learning to live by His precepts that I might be preserved."

Don Miller in Blue Like Jazz


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