Tuesday, November 15, 2005

mo leverett

My son, Ben, has reintroduced me to blues music. I have always been a Motown sort of gal so I am enjoying all the greats who influenced the Temptations, The Supremes, Aretha, etc. After Katrina hit New Orleans, I came across an article about Mo Leverett and Desire Street Ministries and remembered that I had heard Mo in concert a few years back at a PCA Mercy Ministries Conference. I googled them and ended up ordering several CD's. Their ministry to inner city families is amazing, even more so since the hurricane, and purchasing music directly from them helps to support their efforts.

Their website says this about Desire Street Ministries:

In New Orleans, down the river from the old French quarter there is a part of town that is infamous for it's poverty and neglect. Nestled in this historically diminished area is a housing project that has been ranked the worst in the United States.

Reverend Mo Leverett founded Desire Street Ministries in 1990 in order to minister to the youth in and around the Desire Housing Project. DSM's mission is to revitalize the Desire neighborhood through spiritual and community development. Now in its second decade of serving this neighborhood, DSM is seeing true transformation take place, and your investment in this work would encourage and sustain what God is doing in New Orleans.

Mo's music is awesome. His voice, a deep raspy sound reminiscent of Joe Cocker and Van Morrison, is accompained by mournful soul sounds from his backup singers, the vintage accordian, and that 70's organ the Motor City guys loved. His love for the Lord, his wife and children, for the people under his ministry, and Louisiana is inspirational. The Cajun seasoning is sprinkled through each song and the message is clear, poignant and convicting...love God with your whole heart and your neighbor as yourself. And when Mo talks about loving your neighbor, he means to do so in word and deed! Mo sings about relationships and it is more than refreshing.

Lyrics of A Day is Like a Thousand Years
by Mo Leverett from The Sacrament of Life

I wish your eyes had seen my little first born man
Half a pound of legacy within my hand
Little feet, little heart, little ears,
You know with God a day is like a thousand years.

In his mother's womb he was stitched and hemmed
For the love of Jesus his little light was dimmed
But he was warm, he was loved, in a wolrd of fear
You know with God a day is like a thousand years.

His sould flew home on the wings of angel's prayers
to a place where children come with children's cares.
Though I cried when he died, the angels cheered
You know with God a day is like a thousand years.

My wife and I held him in our arms that day
for a fleeting moment before we gave hims away
WAs it wrong to have longed to keep him here?
You know with God a day is like a thousand years.

Lindsay & Lacey & Maggie girls
Your little borther Mo is in a different world
But he would say it's okay, you save those tears
You know with God a day is like a thousand years.

Lyrics from Cajun Queen
by Mo Leverett from The Sacrament of Life

Little lady from New Orleans
Finest thing I ever had seen
She's the woman of my wildest dreams
She's my very own Cajun queen.

We got a crib in the old 9th ward
The kinda woman that I can afford
She got her lover, she got her Lord
She's my very own Cajun queen.

I love to see her in the morning sun
But when the evening sky has come
She's more dangerous than a loaded gun
She's my very own Cajun queen.

She's fine and feminine to the core
I see her shimmying across my floor
She got more tools than the hardware store
She's my very own Cajun queen.

To listen to tracks from Mo's albumns and to order CD's, go to Justice Road productions.


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