Thursday, April 07, 2005

silly goose

Actually, it was a wild turkey that flew into the tree outside my large kitchen window. Ben and I stood in wonder that such a bird could fly so high and so fast at the same time! Quicker than I could say "stove top stuffing", she had managed to ascend, limb by limb, to the tip top of the cherry tree behind the swing.

We kept checking back, all afternoon, wondering if she could get down by herself, imagining the Canton Fire and Rescue responding to my 911 call..."hello, hello, there is a wild turkey in my tree. HELP!" Of course, this is Canton and they would come. And I would know the firemen by name.

We missed her departure, that turkey from no where. But while she was in the tree we researched and learned three things:

Turkeys are the largest game birds in Illinois

The turkey is not domestic to the United States but was imported by Columbus on his second voyage to America

The turkey was almost voted the national bird but lost by one vote to the bald eagle.

Everything is a lesson plan to a homeschool mom! If only I had had the presence of mind to capture and dress it, we could have mummified her for our study on ancient Egypt!


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