Saturday, August 06, 2005


We live in the middle of possibly the most fertile part of the United States.

Typically, by this time every year, we have enjoyed several weeks of sweet corn and tomato suppers. We have eaten homegrown tomatoes once and no local sweet corn whatsoever. The little old man and woman who park their ancient pick-up out near the bowling alley have been no where in sight. Sometimes we have stopped their daily.

This year, our area is suffering from what has now been labeled as an extreme drought. We know farmers who have lost their entire crops. A couple weeks ago our governor visited a farm about 10 miles from us and declared the entire area a national disaster. Perhaps you didn't realize how vital our crops our to everyone so the next time you are in the grocery store, read labels and see how many products contain corn or soybean derivatives.

Please add our part of the country to your prayers. I hadn't realized until yesterday just how localized this drought is. Check it out.


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