Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wildlife Prairie Park

Tomorrow,Janell, Samuel, and Ethen will return to South Carolina after spending the past three weeks with us. It has been such a treat to enjoy my little east coast grandboys and their mama for such a nice long visit. It has been terribly hot, too hot to do much trapsing about but we spent the better part of today at Wildlife Prairie Park. We came home, grilled hot dogs, and collapsed in heaps of various sizes in the delicious cool of the air conditioning.

Samuel and Will ssssslither into the sssssnake house.

Terrifying the bison.

Grandmama explaining to Samuel how a beaver communicates with his big, flat tail.

"These boys smell delicious," said the goat.

Just country boys.


All aboard with Uncle Will.

Shiney Time Station here we come!


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