Thursday, July 07, 2005

theology and the building of a deck

The past few weeks have been fun as we have planned this project in our backyard, first looking through deck building books and making sketches on the backs of envelopes. Clay used the auto-cad software, which can make 3-D pictures, a very cool feature, to make blueprints of both the upper and lower decks. We experimented with the placement for stairs, various level concepts, storage ideas, and permanent vs non-permanent seating ideas. From the very beginning there was one thing that was certain...the deck needed to be big.

It has been interesting to hear the reactions of our friends and the construction workers as they have been involved in this event. Everyone has an opinion but one thing they all agree on is that what we are wanting to build is big. Some of them just don't understand why.

Which brings me to theology. I am a positive-millenialist. I believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is and will be successful. I do not believe that I am polishing brass on a sinking ship when I work to bring an end to abortion. I am raising six children because I believe a large family is the beginning of many generations of covenant faithfulness that will bring about the success of the Gospel. I homeschool my children because I believe it is the best way to raise children who will be a testimony in this generation and they, in turn, will raise children for a future generation. And on and on the line of covenant blessing will continue, Lord-willing.

When our 4th, 5th, and 6th children were born, we heard lots of comments like "don't you know what causes that?" and "oh, I thought that would certainly be your last child!" For the most part, these statements came from people who listened to J. Vernon McGee, had half their bags packed in case they were Raptured during the evening news, and who knew more about the red heifer than they did about God's working throughout history. They shook their heads when we piled everyone in our van and took our vacations at homeschooling conferences. They made fun of my bulk shopping efforts and were incredulous when I bought 36 place settings of restaurant supply china.

In more recent years, as the grandbabies have arrived, I have added a little person charm on a bracelet for each child. I asked the lady at the jewelry store to place the charms close together. She said it would look weird, to have the charms all at one end of the chain. I then explained that I have 6 children and am hoping for at least 36 grandchildren so I will need the empty rings on the chain. She shook her head in disbelief. Then she asked "You had six children, who would wish that on anyone?" My reply was "I would, because children are a blessing."

We believe that our family will continue to grow and we will be able to enjoy family reunions in our home, the same home where my older children were taught around the dining room table and where my younger children came into this family. We look forward to many more little ones to welcome, little ones who will never know a day when they weren't part of our family or of God's family, of His covenant.

And that is why our deck will be big.


At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Elizabeth said...

I wish I were part of your family! But since I'm not, you're inspiring me as I think of my own. :)

At 2:45 PM, Blogger prairie girl said...


I would happily make you an honorary member!

I read your post on college girl...the itsn't God good, to give us the opportunity to start fresh with our own families?



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