Monday, June 27, 2005

Doug tells us how to be a wet blanket

In the latest article by Doug Giles, we can learn how to really become a loser by first becoming a wet blanket. Here is a taste of today's wisdom:

"Having given up on the pursuit of happiness, the decidedly defective one must also try to debilitate others who are stupidly pursuing their great purpose in life. There are three main reasons you must do this:

1. The potentially dangerous transference of their winning attitude spreading to you and to your friends and thereby, screwing up all chances for failure.

2. The personal embarrassment that others’ success will cause you when they leave you in the dust by actually doing something with their lives.

3. The jealousy and envy that will spawn in your heart over someone else’s achievement will wrinkle your flat line existence. And you wouldn’t want that, would you? Why not? Well, you can’t be happy when someone else is happy. That’s why!

Therefore, it is imperative that you be the drunken donkey that whizzes on the wannabe’s dreams. Think about it. . . ."


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