Sunday, August 14, 2005

Doug Giles continues his advice on becoming a loser

If you have read this blog during the past couple of months, you know that I have linked to a series of articles by Doug Giles where he gives advice on how to become a loser. They are great and I would encourage you to check out his archives and read them all.

Today he ponders the idea of becoming a self-obsessed monkey. Check it out.

This week’s ditty for the deft inept person is to engraft into your psyche the habit of being a self obsessed me-monkey. If you’re serious about living a life that will historically frame you out as a flop then you must get this into your craw: Nobody and nothing matters but you and your little world.

Got it?

Matter of fact; try saying the above, out loud and with passion.

Do it now.

C’mon say with me… “Nobody and nothing matters but me and my little world."


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