Sunday, August 14, 2005

prison becomes you, my dear

This is a photo of Martha on her way to prison.

Now check out a homecoming photo.

Assuming you are not a subscriber to Martha Stewart Living, check out the cover of the September issue of her magazine and tell me that her prison life wasn't really time at a spa. She looks terrific and appears to be more like 29 rather than the 63 years of age that she really is. It is amazing. Unless her staff photoshopped her into those size 4 jeans, we should all try her diet and exercise plan.

Prison. It's a good thing.


At 7:26 AM, Blogger MTG said...

I think that prison was a reality check for Martha until she came home andfigured out it was OK not to follow the rules (yoga class, extra three weeks with the braclet).

Of course I have my whole opinion on the trail including tthe charges and the courtroom conduct.

I am with you though...she looked a lot better coming out than going in.


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