Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the church potluck

Every once in a while a blog comes along that serves a real purpose. This morning I came across just such a blog and am delighfully passing it along. Not only are the recipes truly midwestern, but there are fun entries such as this poem.

Hopelessly Midwestern
By Joel Mabus

If you live life in the middle and not on the edge -
You're hopelessly midwestern.
If a big Saturday means clipping the hedge -
You're hopelessly midwestern.
If you shop at Sears, drink a lot of iced tea,
You like to dance the polka and watch TV,
Then the jury is in and the critics agree -
You're hopelessly midwestern.

[Chorus] Hopelessly Midwestern - cornfed boys and girls
Hopelessly Midwestern - square pegs in this
big round world.
Now, you can go from sea to shining sea,
But right in the middle - that's the place to be,
And if you like it like that, you're a lot like me -
You're hopelessly midwestern.

If you wish every highway could be flat and straight -
You're hopelessly midwestern.
If you still think sushi looks a lot like bait -
You're hopelessly midwestern.
You like your potatoes mashed, your chicken fried,
Your green beans boiled and your apples pied,
And you ain't trusted nothing since Rock Hudson died,
You're hopelessly midwestern.

If annual rainfall is a real hot topic -
You're hopelessly midwestern.
And if the Pocono Mountains sound kind of exotic -
You're hopelessly midwestern.
If you like Gerald Ford almost as much as you like Betty,
And a big corn field looks mighty pretty,
And you'd rather go to hell than to New York City,
You're hopelessly midwestern.


Hopelessly... Impossibly... Irreparably Midwestern.


At 9:08 AM, Anonymous mark said...

Thanks for the plug! And if you ever see that Joel is doing a concert in your area, You've gotta go see him! Tip: Ask him to sing Duck Tape Blues!

At 1:12 PM, Blogger prairie girl said...

Duck Tape Blues?

I could have written it, given the fact that my dear husband LOVES duck tape and thinks it was invented by NASA scientists and will soon be used to hold the shuttles together.

I love your website and laughed and laughed that you actually have Tuna Hot Dish listed in the recipe file! A friend of mine who grew up in Wisconsin decided to make it for his wife for dinner one evening, just a little romantic dinner for two. The canned peas nearly did her in!

At 9:36 AM, Blogger greatwhitebear said...

It's not a church potluck if there's no tuna hotdish!


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